Open educational ideas and innovations (OEI2) initiatives

The “open educational ideas and innovations (OEI2)” initiative has worked towards a better uptake of OER and increased engagement among educators and learners. We promoted open collaboration already when ideas for OER development are being formed so that trust into the educational materials gets higher and existing resources become more likely to be re-used.

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  1. The initiative developed a course on programming for first class kids in primary school with a focus on the combination of physical and computer activities. A core aim was to use existing resources to keep the development effort low and to map learning objectives to existing (and new) curricula.
  2. The initiative “Schulbuch-O-Mat” (SBOM) set out to transparently provide free-of-cost and up-to-date teaching materials. More specifically SBOM aimed to create an openly licensed textbook for biology aligned to the curriculum of grade 7 and 8 in the federal state of Berlin, Germany.