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ChatGPT – miracle tool or a danger?

Within the recent years, the term “generative AI” has started to appear more commonly in the media. What once was a feature in science fiction or cyberpunk settings in fictional stories, the ability to make a program answer any question summarizing information found online by just writing a few keywords into a program has now

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European Open and Digital Learning Week (EODLW) 2023 6 – 10 November 2023

  EDEN is proudly hosting for the eight year in the row the European Open and Digital Learning Week (EODLW). This year’s theme is: Education in the Digital Age: What can we do better? The event is organized in partnership with the Coimbra Group Education Innovation and Doctoral Studies Working Groups, the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), who will

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The 2023 EDEN “Yes we can!” – Digital Education for Better Futures

The 2023 EDEN conference is designed to explore the theme, “Yes we can!” – Digital Education for Better Futures. This theme focuses on the language of opportunity and challenges participants to dream big! While there are many big and small challenges that we can’t ignore in building a more inclusive digital future, the conference places

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