EDEN NAP internetinis seminaras “The Use of Rubrics From Teacher and Student Perspective”


Wednesday February 7th


EDEN NAP Webinar

“The Use of Rubrics From Teacher and Student Perspective”

Case of DOBA Business School


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In 2018 DOBA Business School (DBS) started with the pilot introduction of RUBRICS as a tool with pre-defined performance criteria on the basis of which we assess students’ achievements and provide on-time feedback. 


In 2022/23 DBS conducted internal evaluation of the preparation and the use of rubrics for improving the quality of study process, student assessment and the provision of feedback focusing on two research questions: How teachers use Rubrics to support implementation and improve the quality of assessment and how students use and evaluate the use of Rubrics?


Interim results showed positive attitudes of teachers (and students) towards using rubrics, some pointers for further research and effective implementation as well as number of examples of good practice that has been developed. Therefore, the aim of the webinar will be: 

  • To introduce the concept of Rubrics and explain its benefits and relevance in online learning;
  • To present the model of systematically introducing Rubrics at DBS;
  • To compare and contrast teachers’ and students’ perceptions on the use of Rubrics at DBS;
  • To discuss the implications of the evaluation results on the further use of Rubrics at DBS.


Type of session: presentations with discussion

Date: Wednesday February 7th 2024 at 16:00 (CET)



  • Orna Farrell, Chair of the NAP Steering Committee, Dublin City University, Ireland


  • Dr. Mateja Brejc, Assitant Professor, DOBA Business School, Slovenia
  • Dr. Marko Divjak, Professor and Researcher, DOBA Business School, Slovenia